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I was really nervous to start the gym as I hadn't been very active in many years. I found the training fun, challenging and scalable for where I started. I highly recommend starting the group training classes! - Sarah Steffensen

When I first met Eric I was just recently divorced, out of shape and depressed. Eric got me exercising and eating healthier and before long I began to look and feel better. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his lifestyle that physical fitness and being healthy is his passion.

- John Simon

Eric coached me for 4+ years. My best workout years were in his gym. His leadership as a coach and attention to form was bar none. He'll work the best plan for you if you're injured, but he'll also push you in the way you need to be pushed. If you want to get in the best shape of your life, I recommend spending some time in Eric's gym. Best, most memorable years. Thanks Eric!! - Jennifer Olds

Eric Barber was a great mentor/trainer during his time in Tulsa, Ok. It was because of Eric's dedication to his craft and knowledge that helped me achieve many goals that I felt impossible. Not only is he a fantastic coach, but he is also a fantastic person. If you're looking for someone to help you on your physical fitness journey, check him out! - Dylan Cahwee

Eric is a real pro, you can tell he's been doing this a long time. His coaching style is consistent and tailored to each person's needs/abilities. - Jim Stack

I have trained with Eric for several years. He is an expert in his field, along with a fun flair of theatrics in the gym, a love for his family, and a real zest for living life to the fullest. He is a good friend and an excellent teacher. I’m jealous that I am not able to regularly attend Stone Gym in Colorado for without question, Colorado is better because of Stone Gym! Gentlemen, you will be better for having trained with Eric Barber. - Jeremy Bedell

I was Eric’s youngest athlete that he had trained in Tulsa. I’m so glad that he believed that I could do so much, even though I was 13! He was my first crossfit coach so he taught me all the fundamentals and I couldn’t think of a better coach then him. He knows his stuff and will get u in the best shape of your life! - Cody Paschall

Eric is one of the best trainers I have ever had in my life. He help me go from 280lbs, 36% body fat and out of shape to 235lb, 15% body fat and in the best shape of my life. He will add years to your life. - Jason Paschall

I have been coached by Eric since 2011. You will not find a coach that is more dedicated to his clients and training personnel. For me, he taught me the true basics of lifting for total body strength and how to condition myself for wellness and performance. Old school, simple, and no BS. Eric is your go-to to reach any of your fitness goals! - Nick Perez

Eric is an amazing trainer! He is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and a great motivator. I highly recommend him as a coach/trainer, he will help you improve your form, fitness, and abilities! - Ashley Boozer

I had the opportunity to work out with Eric in Tulsa. He’s a great coach and push you to get in the best shape possible! - Dr Shihao Zhang

Eric Barber is the real deal - when I stumbled upon CrossFit in 2008, it was at Eric's gym in Tulsa Oklahoma. He set the bar high from day 1, requiring one-on-one coaching sessions to properly learn the Olympic lifts and other movements that would be necessary to train effectively and safely. It was that type of personalized attention along with his genuine love for fitness and coaching that kept me coming back for almost 10 years. Even when multiple gyms opened that would have been closer and more convenient I never once thought about leaving. - Adam Siebel

Eric was my coach for 5 yrs and he was such a great motivator, mentor and friend. I learned so much about myself and my ability to push through when I doubted I could! - Melissa Smith

I was coached by Eric for about 7 years. We had a family atmosphere at the gym that was an inspiration to keep showing up week in and week out. I never imagined I would learn how to do Olympic type weightlifting, but through Eric’s coaching and refining encouragement I’ve been able to keep at it even as an older athlete. It’s been a life changing experience knowing Eric and being a member of his gym. Eric is a great coach. - Nelson Strothers

I was coached by Eric Barber since 2007. When you’re a masters-aged athlete who still wants to crush it, you need someone with the experience and openness of Eric. Sometimes I wanted to push harder, and he had the expertise to lead me there; sometimes I didn't want to push myself, so Eric would get down to the bottom line: was it fear? and was it realistic? He was open to my apprehension, but if it was truly unwarranted, he would call me on it (aka. kick my butt to the next level, which is what I truly wanted:) There are so many choices when you train, but when you find the blend of professional experience, best practices and constant inspiration, you want to stick with it. Stick with Eric. - Andrea Jobe

As a coach Eric is excellent. He is great at helping you accomplish your fitness goals. If you want to prepare for competition or just get better overall, Eric Barber is one of the best. - Chris Birdwell

I started training with Eric almost 10 years ago. Eric improved my fitness to a level that I never would have believed. Eric teaches good form and technique. He is a terrific coach. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to get fit! - Dr Jeremy Carrico

I have trained with Eric Barber for the better part of a decade. Not only does he possess a strong knowledge-base and years of practical training experience, he has the unique ability to make hard work seem fun. I am sure other reviews will follow from clients that have been with Eric for years. The fact that he has been able to foster that kind of consistency and longevity from his clients is all you need to know. - John Bunn

Eric Barber is by far one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of being mentored by. He not only helped me with my strength and conditioning but also taught me a lot about nutrition. Just teaching me how to be a healthier individual all around. From the gym to the kitchen. He is the person who started my fitness addiction. - Ashley Walker

I had such a great experience with Eric as my coach. He always expected me to give my best, and he would spend the time to explain the importance of why it was important to use the proper body mechanics. I learned so much from him, and his passion for fitness over decades, his heart to change people's lives through health. I became a coach myself after he inspired me and my own passion of fitness. You cannot find a more invested coach to help you reach for your best, and also show compassion through your personal struggles. - Mindy Streicher

I was a few weeks from turning 40 years old when I went to Eric for training. I had never picked up a barbell in my life, couldn't run 200 meters or do an air squat, but wanted to get strong and in shape. Eric began to work with me in learning air squats with bands and learning how to do lifts with a pvc pipe. He was always very patient with me, encouraging me and also always challenging me to continue to grow stronger physically and mentally. I continue to be surprised by being able to do things that I didn't think I could do, such as running a mile in 8:16 and lifting a 98 lb back squat. I'm very thankful that I had the opportunity to train with Eric and highly recommend him to anyone! - Missy Crowell

Eric Barber is a phenomenal coach and better person. It was a blessing for me as an athlete and individual to train under Eric. In that time, Eric’s wealth of knowledge and passion for physical fitness produced numerous fitness feats. Two noteworthy and lifetime personal records for me were a bench press of 200 pounds and deadlift of 415 with a body weight of approximately 165. More than the actual results, Eric is a great person to be around. He’s constantly encouraging, supportive, and friendly to anyone lucky enough to cross his path. I highly recommend to any person, regardless of their fitness level or experience, to try Stone Gym! - Ryan Childress

Eric helped me change me life completely for the better. Always encouraged and and helped motivate me to lose 60 pounds. Forever a great mentor and friend to me. - Blake Talcott

Eric Barber is the man that changed my physical and mental outlook on life! I was 49 years old with a labrum tear that had become chronic over the last 3 years. I had limited mobility with extreme pain that was preventing me from sleeping at night and was willing to try anything to avoid arthroscopic hip surgery. The first time I met Eric I told him everything that "I can't do", which was pretty much any exercise that required any lower extremity movement. After a brief discussion, Eric said " well let’s see you do what you THINK you can't do"! We started with mobility exercises and band strengthening. After the first few workouts, to my amazement the next day I did not hurt! Within one month I was able to do every exercise he programmed. Six months later I turned 50 and attempted and finished the notorious workout "Murph" with flying colors. A year and half I am still pain free and going strong! Eric is a true friend and a man I will never forget! If you want your life changed! Go see Eric! - Stephen Riley

I have known Eric Barber for 10 years. Eric has a wealth of training and nutrition knowledge and keeps workouts fun and fresh. He always inspired me to push beyond what I thought was possible resulting in great gains and the best fitness level I ever had. A good coach is one who pushes hard, accepts no excuses but at the same time, commands the kind of admiration and respect that puts that fire in the athlete causing them to strive to achieve that excellent standard. Eric is THAT coach, in spades. - Rita Long

Eric is the man! He’s an incredible coach, athlete, and friend. His wealth of knowledge and experience helps me continually improve. He’s the kind of guy that takes the time to understand exactly what you need as an individual to be the best you can be. It’s obvious that he cares for each of his athletes, and it’s no wonder we all consider him much more than a fantastic coach. Unwaveringly recommended!! - Dr Chris Trockel

I was introduced to CrossFit years ago through Eric and I have not looked back ever since. Not only did I fall in love with CrossFit, I fell in love with the environment and the community that Eric set in place in his gym. Thank you Eric for your patience and dedication to technique, it made me the athlete I am today! - Isabel Caravel

I'm 62 years old and was thinking that I was in the season of slowing down. I started training with Eric a couple of months ago and now I'm hooked. The workouts are amazing, I've lost 17 lbs (and I wasn't even trying to lose weight... that was a bonus) and I feel more in shape and fit than ever before. Eric is exceptional in his knowledge and teaching skills. I have never looked forward to a workout session until now. AND my wife compliments me on how I look all the time! - Gary Skinner

I'm seeing really fast results for just two months of training at Stone Gym. Getting buff. A+ - Josh Melendez

Eric trained me for years and is, to this day, a great mentor of mine. His style of coaching will push you to do your best, and make you want to get better beyond the limits of your personal drive. He's friendly, knowledgeable and experienced, and if i lived anywhere near this gym, I would never train anywhere else. - Austin Anderson

This gym is like a family, everyone is so warm and welcoming, encouraging one another to push through and do their personal best. The trainers and veterans at the gym go out of their way make sure you understand good technique. This is why I choose Next Generation.

Josh Davis

Absolutely love the people and the coaching! I usually do a CrossFit tour when on vacation and this is my go-to box when I am in town. Kendra Ross

Great coaching and great community. So thankful I found out about this gym. Charlie Richardson

Great place to start your fitness journey. I have seen incredible results from just one year at Next Generation! Coaches are very welcoming & informative about technique in order to keep you safe. Awesome place! Highly recommended. Emily Strother

Eric Barber is an excellent coach and mentor to my kids and my husband as well. He has created an encouraging environment at his gym that feels like family. Everyone is very supportive! Thanks NextGen! Elizabeth Talcott

Next Generation CrossFit is a great place to workout, be challenged, hang out with positive people, and de-stress. The coaching and programming are excellent.

Dr Marcy Clements

Crossfit OG Eric Barber is the real deal! He's an incredible coach and cares more about your personal fitness than ego! If it's competing you want, he can get you there. If it's general fitness, he'll get you there. Definitely a place where everyone can get better from where they are! Everyone that goes here is so welcoming, friendly, and encouraging! This place is the best!

Andrew Harmon

During the 9 years that I have been CrossFitting, I had some of the best coaching with Eric. He is all about the basics and true to form and honest work. He is always ready and willing to work with anyone and is ever improving his craft and skill as a trainer.

Mindy Streicher

Great experience. They had very helpful staff. Good times!

Chuck Graham

This is the first Crossfit gym I've ever been to and I love it! It's a small gym where everyone is very encouraging. The owner also has years of experience in fitness training and so has excellent knowledge on ways to stay safe and avoid any injuries... which is probably one of the most important things for anyone trying Crossfit for the first time! Talia Medina

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing this gym is! Everyone is very patient and friendly. I love how every time I go, I leave thinking "I can't believe I just did that!" If you still aren't sure about Crossfit, I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Elisha Harmon

First day had my world rocked, but I came back for more!  The people here are very, very motivating!

Brett Rector

Great box! Great crew! Very welcoming and knowledgable! Nick Holder

Top notch facility. Top notch training. Brandon Webb

Knowledgeable and safe Crossfit experience. Dr J approves!

Dr Jason Crist

Best place to start and stay with CrossFit! Eric and trainers took me from out of shape to in shape in 12 months. I'm now a CrossFit addict!

Carey Baker

I stumbled in to Eric’s gym more than 7 years ago. I was 59 years old and very out of shape from lack of any physical exercise. As I began to get back into shape, I started doing things that I had believed I was incapable of doing anymore. I’m 66 now and work out 5 days a week now and actually enjoy it. I recently deadlifted 350 pounds and wasn't maxed out. Thanks Eric for helping me to get back on the road to a much better life. For guys past 50 that think it's over and you can't regain muscle, that's simply BS. Be the man you're supposed to be. The worst part is getting off your ass and getting started. - Gary Mooney

I still look back on Eric’s training as some of the most impacting and helpful that I have ever received. He is the most charismatic, educated and motivating trainer I have ever known.

Uriah Werner

Eric has a keen sense on what your body needs and how to bring out your fullest potential. My results have been amazing.

Joel Metzler

When I first met Eric I was just recently divorced, out of shape and depressed. Eric got me exercising and eating healthier and before long I began to look and feel better. I have confidence that I’ve had not had in the past. You can hear it in his voice and see it on his face that physical fitness and being healthy is his passion. 

John Simon

As a Chiropractor, I was very concerned about doing exercises incorrectly. Eric was very knowledgeable about ergonomics and correct movements of the spine and supporting structures. Eric became quite an asset to my office and was loved by all the patients and staff because of his personality and skill.

Scott Miller

Eric is efficient, professional, organized and knowledgeable. He has a broad understanding of exercise and maximizes different styles of training. His experience in the field is evident and I recommend him to many of my own contacts. Further, Eric is positive and empowering, and seems to really spread the mood among his clients.

Tracy Shears   

I've been training off and on with Barber for 25 years. He has the ability and knowledge that keeps you on your toes. His knowledge base to train around sports injury while still helping you make gains is second to none. I can't say enough about the family atmosphere. Thanks for always making me work hard.

Jason Cuckler

Eric has made the hard work and effort of training fun and enjoyable for me. Surprisingly, I have had a marked improvement in my mental health as well after increasing my activity and removed much of the stress due to my previous lifestyle.  Thank you Eric.

Bruce Ramsey

Two years ago Eric trained me before and after I received a kidney transplant -- I credit him with my speedy recovery! Great strides have been made in my health because of Eric's caring, thorough and effective training. Thanks Eric for encouraging me to be a better, healthier man.

Ted Mehl

Eric saw potential in me that I did not see. He encouraged, believed in, and pushed me to my limit, physically and mentally to show me what I could achieve. My overall health is better, my self-confidence is higher, and I have a lot more faith in myself and what I can accomplish. Eric has a real gift for knowing how to motivate people to achieve their goals.

Daniele Holland

With Eric's training, he and I were able to dramatically transform my body, from a skinny 140 pound frame to a muscular 180 pounds! He also helped keep my attitude intact no matter what happened in life to discourage me. Thanks Eric!

Mike Brink

I trained with Eric for approximately a year and a half. He helped me achieve a level of fitness in my 40’s that I had never achieved before in my entire life. He has a unique approach based upon his passion for helping people achieve their potential. Eric has my highest recommendation.

David Kennedy

When it comes to trainers, Eric Barber is THE BEST. He knows when to push you and when you're at your limit! He has a good sense of each individual’s strengths and weaknesses and how to work with and develop each one. He works with you where you're at and takes you where you want to be. I recommend him highly.

Melanie Presner

Although I thought he was crazy, Eric always made me feel that I could do anything. He will give you his all, especially when you give him yours!

Cindy Owens

Eric has an uncanny ability to steer me in the right direction, firmly keep me accountable, and make the training enjoyable at the same time. I have always felt that he had my best interests in mind as he motivates, instructs and coaches me forward to accomplish my goals. I highly recommend training with Eric Barber.

Gary Skinner

Eric Barber's commitment and passion for his job put me in the best shape of my life. 

Christian Metzler

A few years ago, I was out of shape, overweight and my cholesterol was nearly 500! Eric challenged me to train with him - I did and everything changed. After only six weeks of training, my energy came back, I shed nearly 15 pounds and my cholesterol levels dropped back down to normal! I have never met a personal trainer with the attitude, knowledge or results that Eric delivers.

John Bolin

Eric made exercise fun again! Eric is very focused and driven. He uses his knowledge, character, and enthusiasm to help each of his clients reach their maximum potential. Whatever your goals might be, Eric has a plan to help you achieve them. I know I speak for all of Eric’s other clients when I say that he is the best!!!

Heather Diver

I hit a whole new level of intensity when I trained with Eric. 

Craig Whitnack

I have worked out for years but I have never had so much fun or seen gains so quickly as I have during the time I was trained by Eric Barber.

Ashley Arnold 

Eric is a master. His balanced approach to life and fitness delivers long lasting results.

Chris Schofield

I was 38, widowed with 3 kids to raise. I knew Eric was coaching so I gave him a call and trained with him for a year. During that year I got in the best shape I have ever been in. My life has truly been changed because of Eric’s dedication and passion for fitness. I am proud to call Eric my trainer and friend.

Care Young

As a former athlete, looking and feeling good was something that I took for granted. After going to college and getting a job, I had less and less time to keep in shape and found myself losing focus and feeling more fatigued. I trained with Eric for two years and during that time, he helped me to achieve more than I ever thought I could. Eric made exercise fun again! 

Heather Diver

Eric is VERY focused and driven.  He uses his knowledge, character, and enthusiasm to help people reach their maximum potential.  Best trainer I’ve ever had.

Bruce Callard

It takes a special kind of person to do what Eric does on a daily basis.  He’s making a huge difference in many people's lives as well as my own, and I am truly thankful for that.

Kirby Foster

I'm in the best shape of my life.  I’m off BP and cholesterol meds, and it wouldn't have happened without you and all these years of coaching me.  I love it and have you to thank for it.

Chris Haggard

Crossfit OG Eric Barber is the real deal! He's an incredible coach and cares more about your personal fitness than ego! If it's competing you want, he can get you there. If it's general fitness, he'll get you there. Definitely a place where everyone can get better from where they are! Everyone that goes here is so welcoming, friendly, and encouraging! This place is the best!

Andrew Harmon